(Health Canada)

On Thursday Nov 8, I spent most of the time in the Ortho storage with Brad, searching for equipment.

On Friday Nov 9, in the morning, I helped with translation in the OR, and helped transporting patients in and out of OR. Running to get supplies from the storage room.

In the afternoon, I helped Denis in the clinic.

On Saturday, I visited the pediatric clinic with Tonja, talking and comforting parents, distributing toys and chocolates to the kids.

The rest of the week, I was in the storage room, emptying the supply bags, sorting, counting and transferring to the general inventory and updating the records.

I also had the opportunity to exchange with patients. Some told me that they were happy to see a Haitian as part of the team.


- unpacking and sorting donation stock. 
- documenting and stocking all donations into Medical storage room
- organizing surgical trays and having them sterilized
- runner to storage room for supplies for the OR staff. 
- finding one-off instruments to help solve solutions in the OR.

Cruess (ConMed)

Both Yanick and Brad are very understated about their contributions, but one thing is certain – we could not have functioned without them. They were tireless, and always happy to help, a great example of patience and cooperation to all of us.